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Weddings are a BEAUTIFUL thing!  To see two people come together and profess their love to each other is so romantic.  We would LOVE to be chosen to capture those once in a lifetime memories in pictures.


Planning a wedding takes time, there is so much to consider, so many decisions to make.  One of the MOST important decisions to make is your photographer.  Like everything there is a Good, Better and Best!  When it comes to your wedding portraits you want the BEST!  You need a professional that knows their trade, not Uncle Joe's neighbor that has a nice camera.  You could purchase the best pair of shears but you wouldn't trust just anyone to cut your hair, you would want a professional that knows what they are doing.  Same with photography, just because they have a nice camera doesn't mean they can take good pictures.  You only have one chance to get it right.  


There are so many factors in choosing the right photographer, we have complied a list of questions and guidelines in what to ask and look for when interviewing a photographer for hire.

1. Are they good?  Ask to see a couple of albums.  Some photographers may show you only a few good shots of a bride and groom.  Asking to see 1-2 completed albums you will be able to see a wedding in its entirety. 

2. What you need to look for in an album is the quality. Are the pages warped? Is the coloring consistent throughout the book? Is their a story line of the day?

3. Timeline? It is important your photographer is organized and has a timeline mapped out for the wedding photos.  We give you a questionnaire to fill out to make sure we don't miss an important photo you want, for example college friends etc.  We will meet with you numerous times prior to the wedding to assure everything is planned accordingly.  Our goal is for you to be stress free on your wedding day.  This day will fly by and we are here to capture every minute.  

4.  Out of all the vendors you hire for your wedding, your photographer will be the one that you will work with the longest.  So make sure you like them!  Did you have a connection when you met? Are they fun and laid back? Do they complement your personality?  Your photographer wears so many different hats! They need to be fun and laid back and be able to handle whatever is thrown at them that day with ease, confidence and professionalism.

After the last glass of wine is drank, and the last song is played, your portraits from your wedding day is the only tangible remembrance you will have of the most important day of your life.     

We invite you to call us to book a consultation. We would be honored to be chosen to photograph the most important day of your life!!